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Beds and Mattresses for Smaller Bedrooms


Our beds are our little safe havens, as there aren’t many people out there who don’t enjoy being in their beds. Whilst functional and being designed to serve a very real purpose however, the art and design of modern beds and mattresses has advanced hugely over the last several years. Beds nowadays are not solely for sleeping in, they can also be used to enhance the overall look and appearance of your bedroom. In some bedrooms, beds can in fact function in a similar fashion to how feature walls may function in living rooms. But what about smaller bedrooms? Sadly, we aren’t all blessed with enormous bedrooms with en-suites, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a stylish and attractive space if you happen to have a smaller bedroom. To help prove this, here are a few suggestions on what you can do to use your bed/beds to create a stunning space in smaller bedrooms.


Fusion bunk beds – When people think of bunk beds, they generally think of old wooden beds, or thin rusty bed frames that look as if they may collapse at any moment. In reality however, bunk beds have come a heck of a long way over the last few decades and nowadays you can purchase stylish and functional bunk beds that look amazing. Fusion bunk beds for example, are designed so that everything blends into one. Rather than looking like two beds stacked on top of one another, fusion bunk beds instead look like intricate pieces of modern furniture that just so happen to have space at the bottom and top for sleeping. These bunk beds look extremely modern, and are great for smaller bedrooms.


Sliding beds – Sliding beds, either single or bunk, are also now very popular, and they are extremely functional as well. The basic idea here is that different pieces of furniture in the bedroom can be innovatively brought together. For example, during the day, the bed can slide away into its storage compartment, making way for a bookcase or chest of drawers. At night time, the bed simply slides out and slides in front of the pieces of furniture in question.


Fold out beds – To really create a retro feel, fold out beds are back in fashion, and they are back in a very big way. For bedrooms with limited floor space, you will need all of the space you can get. A bed will obviously take up a lot of room, so what do you do? Well, you can go ahead and install a fold out bed instead. Fold out beds can be attached to the wall and can masquerade as cupboards during the day. At night time however, you simply open the door and down comes the bed.