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The Difference in Organic Beds and Traditional Mattresses

To some people, a bed is a bed and a mattress is a mattress, but generally speaking, those people in question obviously have never slept in an uncomfortable bed and on an uncomfortable mattress. Nowadays, beds and mattresses are unique in dozens upon dozens of different ways. However, when it comes to beds and mattresses, it isn’t just the design and comfort that people now have in mind. You see, organic mattresses are becoming increasingly popular by the day, as more and more of us are becoming increasingly environmentally aware, not to mention health conscious. You may not realize it, but by simply purchasing an organic bed as opposed to a traditional mattress, you will be addressing both of the aforementioned issues in one. But what is the difference in organic beds and traditional mattresses? Well, we’ll now be providing a more in-depth look to help to hopefully convince you why going organic could be the smartest bed-related choice you could ever make.


Organic mattresses are pesticide-free – Yes, you did read that right, traditional mattresses are indeed exposed to pesticides. When you think of pesticides, you probably think of fruits and vegetables growing in a field, but in actual fact, traditional mattresses also contain them. How? Well, quite simply due to the fact that they are often made of cotton and other fabrics, which have to be grown in a field. Organic cotton mattresses however, are pesticide free. This is important not only for the environment, but also for your own health and well-being as well. Chemical pesticides have been linked with all kinds of health issues and ailments in the past, so going organic is most certainly the way to go here.


Organic mattresses are free from fire-retardants – Most traditional mattresses have been heavily treated with chemicals which are designed to be fire retardant. This basically helps reduce the risks associated with fire, and means that if the mattress is exposed to fire, it will be less likely to catch fire. There is of course a catch however, and that catch is the fact that these chemicals can trigger allergies, and again, have been linked with numerous illnesses and diseases. Most worryingly of all is the fact that there is increasing evidence to suggest that these chemicals can be carcinogenic and can therefore increase the risk of cancer. Organic mattresses however, are made fire retardant with 100% natural wool, making them much safer.


Organic mattresses contain organic latex – Many mattresses nowadays are made from latex. Latex is a natural substance which comes from rubber trees, specifically, the sap. Latex is long-lasting, comfortable, and durable. However, not all latex is organic. Traditional mattresses contain latex which has been grown with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic latex is harvested from rubber trees which have been grown 100% organically, with no GMOs, pesticides, fertilizers, or any other chemicals being used.


Many organic mattresses are free from springs or coils – Natural organic latex mattresses often do not contain metal springs or coils. These coils and springs are often breeding grounds for bacteria, mildew, mould, damp, and other harmful things. This is why people sleeping on regular mattresses which are fairly old, often experience allergy symptoms and respiratory issues. It is also one reason why organic mattresses are considered hypo-allergenic.